New Mexico Marathon

Well, I signed up yesterday for the New Mexico Marathon on 8/31/2008.  That’s Labor Day weekend (which conflicts with the opening weekend of dove season in the central zone…but I think I can get back in time).  It’s an interesting race course for a flatlander such as myself to undertake (see elevation profile).  Apparently it starts in the thin air at 5800 ft and drops 1000 ft between miles 8 and 14.  For your “average” runner that’s probably not that big of a deal…but for your’s truly at 250 lbs it could very well be.  I might just have to do something about the extra tonnage between now and then (5 months). 


I plan to start building up my weekly mileage next week as it’s been pitifully low for a couple of months (thus the 30ish extra lbs).


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2 Responses to “New Mexico Marathon”

  1. yellowbrickbrand Says:

    Run, honey, run!

  2. Alan (AKA: TAB) Says:

    two fitty?!?! Dang….did you eat a little kid or something? I’m thinking of taking up soccer again….partially inspired by you running the pigskin on the eastside years ago. I’m not too old am I? Wanna play?

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