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How to turn a 12×12 tv room into a 20×20 gameroom

August 26, 2008

We’ll call this before:

And this…we’ll call progress (after just one weekend of work not counting the slab)!

After the marathon this coming weekend…we’ll be right back after it the following weekend!  I plan to take more pictures from the same perspective as we progress.


Got ‘er done…

August 10, 2008

With no motivation other than “pay me now or pay me later” I slogged through a 20 miler on Saturday morning. The stars never lined up that were supposed to cool things off a little mid-week. That meant running in almost the exact weather that stopped me last Saturday. That’s the good news.

The not so good news is that I’ve run this route about 12 times over the years and have never run it slower (by quite a margin) than I did this time. Actually, my marathon PR is about 2 minutes faster (not to mention 6 miles longer) than what I managed to crawl through. Me worried? Nah.

Not so long run…

August 4, 2008

Well, the “20 miler” I had scheduled for this Saturday did not happen.  Let’s see…

Wake up at 4:15, check.
Start running at 5:15, check.
Run the first 10 miles (4 of which was shirtless) before my group started at 7, check.
Continue for another 10 miles with the group, no check.

I let the heat/humidity get the best of me and surrendered after 10.  I’ve decided to check the weather every morning and try and get the 20 miler in as soon as the weather cooperates (it was 82 degrees w/ 90% humidity at 5:15 am when I started Saturday).  Anything in the low 70s equals go time over the next week or so.