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Sheetrock done…bring on the outsourcers!

October 27, 2008

After a one week delay (on me), the sheetrock is finally complete.  I tinkered around on it a few nights after work and devoted this entire Sunday to it.  It took longer than I thought but looks great!

You may notice that the piece of sheetrock above the door is a little different than the rest.  I ran short of rock and just before I headed out to Lowes I remembered that I had a piece down in the garage from a past project. By past I mean probably 5 plus years ago!

The tape/float/texture guy is coming this morning.  The electrician is coming back for a final time Wednesday.  I’m off to find a tile guy (and some tile) today.

I had originally hoped to be done by halloween…and it looks like I’ll miss it by a couple of weeks.  Not bad all things considered.


More gameroom action…

October 13, 2008

So, the day count is up to 8.  Since last posting, the stone step and lower facade has been added:

The interior (old) walls have been removed.  The line on the slab gives you a good idea of the scale of the room before and after.

We’ve also gotten the ceiling re-engineered and sheetrocked.  I ended up having to do a lot of the lighting after discovering that, once sheetrocked, many of the lighting locations would be out of reach for the electrician.  I’ll be working on sheetrocking the walls this week.  From there we get a little break as the next three jobs will be hired out:

  • tape & float (Kel won’t let me…because I suck at it)
  • install outlets/switches (because I don’t like messing with power)
  • flooring

Once those three things are done we’ll be back to add baseboards, door trim, and finish the exterior trim.  I haven’t decided whether I’ll hire a painter or do it myself (inside and outside).  It depends on the weather and the draw of the woods as rifle season is just around the corner.