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Thanksgiving Day 2-fer

November 29, 2008

I was hunting early Thursday morning when this nice 8 pt came out.  He dropped where I shot him so, since there was no question about whether he was alive or dead, I left my blind and headed down towards him to get started on my field dressing duties.  I got within about 30 feet of him when I heard all of this commotion from my right.  I figured it was pigs (I’ve heard that sound before) so I backed into a cedar tree to see if they were heading my way.  They were…so this little red piggie is in the freezer now as well.


The meat is heading to Hudson’s and the horns are heading to Martinez Brothers.



November 10, 2008

We did not work on Saturday…but hit it hard on Sunday and got the construction done!  Ironically, within a few hours of finishing I got an email from a friend who does built-ins and he’s ready to start.  What timing!  So, we’ll hold off painting inside until the built-ins are done but the outside is ready for caulk and paint.



I’m real happy with the interior finish out as well.  The base boards and door trims went in without a hitch.  It is remarkable the difference between my work (I did the baseboards) and Tom’s work (he did the door frames and windows).  Let’s just say that mine will need A LOT more caulk than his!  His joints are so tight I’m not even sure they need caulk!


I think Trevi approves.

We also went with a black slate on the floor.  We’re working on wall/trim colors now.  The end is in sight!

Deer Season ’08

November 3, 2008

Deer season opened Saturday, November 1.  On Friday, October 31, I woke up in West Virginia, drove to Pittsburgh, flew to Houston, the tram broke down so I missed my connection to Austin, made the next one, got home, had dinner with Kel, loaded up and headed south.

Bright and early Saturday morning I was in my blind in heavy fog.  I could see movement but had no idea what it was (buck/doe/pig).  Once the fog lifted I was surprised to count 6 bucks loitering around my area.  We have a habit of nicknaming animals…and most of this group I’ve seen while bow hunting or on various scouting cameras we have.  They are, in no particular order, mutant, tall 8, small 8, old seven, and two spikes.  I watched them through binoculars for about 20 minutes trying to decide if the tall 8 was “legal” because he is absolutely gorgeous.  Deciding that if I had to look that closely…he probably needed to wait another year or so I set my sights on old 7.  The a-bolt did it’s work and now the Burrus’ have meat for the winter!

This is a classic “management” buck.  An older deer with a 4×3 rack configuration who will most likely not see much horn improvement.  He is currently at Hudson’s Sausage Company being made into the following:

Backstrap/Tenderloins Whole
1/4 chop’t steak
1/4 mild link sausage
1/4 dry sausage
1/4 pan sausage