We did not work on Saturday…but hit it hard on Sunday and got the construction done!  Ironically, within a few hours of finishing I got an email from a friend who does built-ins and he’s ready to start.  What timing!  So, we’ll hold off painting inside until the built-ins are done but the outside is ready for caulk and paint.



I’m real happy with the interior finish out as well.  The base boards and door trims went in without a hitch.  It is remarkable the difference between my work (I did the baseboards) and Tom’s work (he did the door frames and windows).  Let’s just say that mine will need A LOT more caulk than his!  His joints are so tight I’m not even sure they need caulk!


I think Trevi approves.

We also went with a black slate on the floor.  We’re working on wall/trim colors now.  The end is in sight!


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