Friday afternoon when I was leaving the office, I mentioned to a girl I work with (who is running Boston on 4/20) that I’d be running 7ish at 5:45 am with a small group and another 13 at 7:00 am with the rest of the group.

She said that she needed to do 16.

One thing lead to another and I ended up agreeing to run those extra three miles with her…for a total of 23.

We walked a little during  the 13 and a little more during the 3 but my Garmin still tallied 21.62 miles total for me (it doesn’t register any distance covered at less than 18 minutes per mile).

I’ve never gone more than 21 on a training run.  I still felt pretty good when we finished (despite having been in motion for 4 hours and 45 minutes).

I’ll back off to 10 this weekend and then run a hard 20 (@ race pace) in a couple of weeks in order to start formulating a pace/race day time goal.


2 Responses to “20…+”

  1. Alan Stulberg Says:

    Cuz….I wish I had your discipline AND your massive calves. Keep it up ’til you just can’t anymore. I think I need to join you for a marathon support team soon. Let me know which one is best for you?

  2. workrunhunt Says:

    That’s not discipline…that’s stubbornness! Here is the calendar, pick your poison:

    Marathon to Marathon October 2009
    San Antonio in November 2009
    Dallas in December 2009
    Houston in January 2010
    Austin in February 2010

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