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Apple Cider Vinegar & Aloe Juice

April 20, 2009

After a hill workout a couple of months ago, a few of us were standing around talking and the subject of snoring came up.  I told them that, to the best of my knowledge, I didn’t snore…but I do occasionally wake my wife up moaning and groaning from a cramp. 

The cramp seems to be in the same muscle every time…either the vastus medialis or the sartorius.  It is pain beyond hamstring or calf cramps and it is VERY hard to release (ie it cannot be easily stretched or countered).

Hillary recommended a concoction of two parts apple cider vinegar and two parts aloe juice (basically two tablespoons of each) in a shot glass.  I was skeptical but tried it.

I must say, it was hard to get down at first.  The vinegar is pretty tart and the aloe doesn’t dilute it much.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is, it works!  I’ve yet to cramp since I started drinking it.  I try to drink some every morning unless I’ve had a particularly tough workout…then I drink it at night also.

My friend Joe says you could probably get the same results from pickle juice (you can actually buy it at Academy) but I haven’t tried it yet.


Best laid plans…

April 18, 2009

Flexibility is the hallmark of any marathon training program…

The 20 miler I wrote about in my last post ended up being my last 20 miler for this build up.  Long run wise, I’m left with a 16, an 18, and 3 20 milers (one of which was more  like 23).  While it’s more than I usually do, it’s less than I wanted to do this time.  The thing I’m most concerned about is the amount of time that managed to pass between my last one on 3/21 and the race on 4/25.  Nothing can be done about it now but it will gnaw on me if things don’t go well.

I’ll do a 5, 4, 3, 0, 2 taper next week and run the race on Saturday.