Angie’s Half Crazy Half Marathon 4/11/2010

I haven’t run/raced a half marathon in over 6 years.  My last one was 3M on January 25, 2004.  If I recall correctly…I was in pretty good shape, the course was a screaming downhill 400 ft drop (the old course), and the weather was pretty close to perfect (dry and in the 40s).  All of that came together to produce a PR of 1:42:04 (7:47 pace) back then.

Fast forward to 2010.  I thought long and hard about signing up for 3M this year because it was on my birthday.  The race sold out before I could make up my mind.  After going out that morning and watching friends run the race I decided to find another half marathon close by to see if I could update that 6-year-old PR.  Angie’s Half Crazy Half Marathon popped up via an internet search.  The course looked pancake flat on the web site.  I also felt like I had a shot at decent weather (I knew it wouldn’t be perfect…just wanted decent).  I signed up and tweaked the training schedule a little to accommodate a race and set my sights on 4/11/2010.

I hit the road just after 2:00 pm on Saturday for the quick jaunt south of Houston for the race.  After a quick stop at g-ma’s house in Smithville I arrived at the hotel just after 6:00 pm.  Packet pick-up was a snap.  I found a Lupe Tortilla about a quarter-mile from my hotel so that made choosing dinner a piece of cake as well.  After dinner I drove over to the starting line to get a feel for how far it was from my hotel (less than 2 miles).  That accomplished, I headed back to the hotel and settled in for a 5:30 am wake up.

I woke up before the alarm, made some coffee, had a little breakfast and headed to the starting line.  2 miles in about 30 minutes.  The race started about 8 minutes late due to traffic and long porta-potty lines.  The start was corralled by projected finish time.  Sub 1:45 was the fastest corral so that’s where I was…about 20 ft from the mat.

The course is basically a huge lap around The Johnson Space Center and University of Houston’s Clear Lake campus.

I’m still avoiding my Garmin for races so I went with the Timex and a 1:40 pace band.  I figured if I need a 3:20 marathon to qualify for Boston that a 1:40 half would be a good goal along the path.  7:38 is the pace required to run a 1:40 half (and a 3:20 marathon).

Mile 1 07:50.8
Mile 2 07:30.9
Mile 3 07:28.5
Mile 4 07:44.3
Mile 5 07:41.0
Mile 6 07:34.9
Mile 7 07:46.4
Mile 8 08:12.1
Mile 9 08:34.2
Mile 10 08:03.9
Mile 11 08:26.3
Mile 12 08:19.5
Mile 13.1 09:29.2

I was pretty much on pace through 7 when it started to really warm up and the 100% humidity began to take its toll.  I rallied a little at 10 but couldn’t maintain the pace necessary to tackle 1:40 or break my old 1:42 PR.  1:44:41 was all I could muster.

Travis ran a little smack on me a few weeks ago about not being in PR shape.  I thought that I was and bet him a case of beer on the outcome…so Travis will be enjoying a case of beer on me.

Next up, Poconos Marathon on May 16.  I’m planning on breaking out the 3:40 pacetat and running a PR (I wonder if Travis will go double or nothing?).  The course is right…I just need a freaking weather break.


6 Responses to “Angie’s Half Crazy Half Marathon 4/11/2010”

  1. michelle ryan Says:

    Your looking and running great these days Big. It’s just a matter of everything lining up correctly. Pocono is your ticket!!

  2. Carter Says:


    There were a few things you were missing today that you had working for you in 2004:
    1) Cold weather – for us big guys, that’s huge.
    2) 400 feet of drop – hello!
    3) A terrier by the name of Abe, who grabbed both of us when I was ready to walk and dragged us through the last few miles, starting with that grueling stretch on Burnet.

    Given that you lacked those advantages today, I am super impressed with 1:44. Great job!!!

  3. Vance Says:

    Big, way to push it. Not a PR but a great time, especially with the humidity. Go get um in the Poconos.

  4. Joe Says:


    Yesterday was not a day to be running long distances in Texas. I ran a half in Dallas yesterday, and I compared to the weather to the SA RnR. Very humid.

    Look on the bright side. I’m sure you lost 3-4 pounds in water during the race! Keep up the good work and good luck at the Poconos.

  5. Sandy Cumming Says:

    Maybe I’ll go next time you are looking for a PR, you run faster when you “think” I’m right behind you! Of course, I’m never right behind you, more like way behind you. Good run!

  6. 3M Half Marathon 1/30/2011 « Says:

    […] the distance, I thought I had a pretty good shot at clipping that 1:42 PR and made a go at it at Angie’s Half Crazy Half Marathon.  The weather was rough and I crumbled after 7 miles.  I decided right then and there not to let […]

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