Festivus Fat Ass Marathon 12/26/2010

I didn’t have much going on the day after Christmas so I decided to go for a run.  My friend Frank produced a low-key race in the “Fat Ass” vein (which basically means no frills…no medal, no shirt, no support).  The weather was near perfect and he needed 10 starters and 7 finishers for anyone looking to qualify for Boston or add Texas to their 50 states so I showed up to help make sure he had both covered.  38 started and 28 finished…most of the 10 who started but didn’t finish weren’t planning on doing the whole thing.

The course consisted of three 8.75 mile loops on the Brushy Creek Regional Trail (a la Frankenthon).  Knowing there would be no mile markers I went with the Garmin.  It died around the same time I did…mile 23.  I clocked a 4:06:10.  32 minutes faster than than CIM a few weeks ago.  I actually felt pretty good the whole time.  I approached it as more of a really long training run and, in that regard, got exactly what I wanted from it.

Several from the Ship were there.  Besides Frank…Scotty T., Big Jerie, Wayne/Cristy, Barbara, and Rachel (who finished her very first marathon) all showed up and ran the whole thing.

Kathy Cleary brought some of the best darn cookies I’ve ever tasted.  I’m not sure what all they had in/on them…but they exploded in my mouth in the yummiest way possible.  We annihilated the cookies, popped a few Shiners, and grilled up some venison sausage.  Seriously…does it get any better?

21st marathon.  11th state.  Running from an Angel is a scratch.  Jacksonville is next.


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