Ridge to Bridge Marathon 10/22/2011

Like the Tunnel Marathon report, this one is long overdue.  Again, the details are spotty but there are a few highlights I’d like to share.

The time between Tunnel and this race was full of anticipation for me.  From what I could tell the course was great and the weather is generally nice in the area at that time of year.  Despite my eagerness to run this race, my training was a flop.  In retrospect, I think I was a little burned out after cramming in a dozen or so marathons between the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2011 in my quest to qualify for Boston by sheer volume (unsuccessful).  Taking a year and a quarter off after this race lends credence to that theory (but more on that in a future post).

The weather was definitely spot on, especially early.  I recall it being downright cold as the girls and I (Rachel and Michelle joined me for this one) picked up some extra gloves that they were handing out at the start.  We carved out some time to mack for the camera before meandering over to the starting line to get the show on the road.  This was a small race so there wasn’t a chute or corral or any other such organizational nonsense.  I believe there was a timing mat on the road and that’s about it.


Rachel and I ran together during the early parts of the race.  Michelle took off like she was shot out of a cannon but we were able to see her during out/back sections.  After several miles the race went off road onto some park trails and began a fairly rapid descent (about 2000 feet between miles 5 and 15).  Portions of the trail were quite rocky and at times the descent so steep you couldn’t really run comfortably.  It was more like controlled chaos and a tremendous amount of quad pounding.  It dawned on me that Rachel disappeared but I wasn’t sure whether she left me or I left her.  After mile 15 the course gently rolls net downhill along a river/creek for the duration.  Near the 26 mile mark my inner quads started to cramp.  It was mildly uncomfortable but by the actual mile marker it caused me to stop running.  At this point Rachel flew by me and joined Michelle at the finish festival.  I hobbled in and called it a day as well.

This is a race I would like to do again at some point…properly trained.

4:27:47 final time.  27th marathon.  16th state.


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